Dr. Kelley's Practice  

Adult Outpatient Psychiatry
-Anxiety Disorders
-Adult ADHD
-Eating Disorders

The office is currently accepting new-patient appointments. Please call between 9am and 2:30pm to speak to the office manager about making an appointment. Messages may be left at other times, but please limit calls between 5pm and 9am to urgent matters. If you are a Mayo patient, please be sure you have sent your Release-Of-Information form to Mayo so that I can obtain your records. If you are being referred by another (non-Mayo)physician or therapist, please fill out the release of information form available on this website so that I may obtain records prior to your visit. Also, please register as a patient and fill out the ihealth form online if possible. Thanks! - Dr. Kelley

We hope this web site will serve as a resource for medical information as well as a tool for efficient communication with our office. The following instructions will guide you through the registration process for our online solutions.
1. Click on My Patient Page
2. Click on Create an Account in the patient login box.
3. Create your user ID and password and complete your registration. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your registration is "active."